Physical Education


At Chaffinch Brook we believe that PE is a vital contributor to a pupil’s physical health and mental wellbeing.

We work collaboratively between the Primary and Secondary sites to provide all children with the opportunity to engage safely and fully in PE through a creative and differentiated approach which caters for the individual needs of our pupils.

Our PE programme has been designed to develop our children’s physical confidence and abilities so they can progress at levels appropriate to them.

We aim to have a strong emphasis on physical activity rather than sport as we deem this is where lifelong positive attitudes to keeping fit and healthy will develop; we hope all children leave us with the knowledge and willingness to take part in physical activity into their adulthood.  

We hope that by the time our children finish KS2 and move up to KS3 they have the basic skills to progress onto a more sport-based PE curriculum where they will be given the opportunity to achieve an Entry Level qualification by the time they leave us.

We will be providing all our children with access to differentiated PE lessons where our objectives in the teaching align with the National Curriculum. We aim to ensure all pupils: 

• Will develop experiences in a broad range of physical activities 

• Are physically active for sustained periods of time 

• Have the opportunity to engage in competitive sports and activities 

• Understand, lead and promote healthy, active lives 

• Build self-esteem, confidence and resilience



PE lessons at Chaffinch Brook encourage the social, emotional and thinking skills needed to live independent lives with a strong emphasis on children firstly competing against themselves before others as we want them to be able to accept both winning and losing positively. 

Children will have at least 2 hours of PE per week. The curriculum will follow the National Curriculum and will be complemented with offsite activities and ample opportunity for the development of social skills. During nurture times, the children will often choose to go outside, do yoga or dance to different songs further developing their physical health and wellbeing.

There will be consistency in the structure of lessons to support our children’s needs including an introduction with learning objectives, a warm up, skill development activity, a game implementing the skill developed and a plenary including a self-evaluation. All lessons will be inclusive and activities will be differentiated. 

Lessons in KS1 will focus on mastering basic movements such as:

- jumping, throwing, running and catching;

-develop balance, agility and coordination

 In KS2 they will progress to develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance through athletics and gymnastics.

Swimming and trampolining will also be offered to all year groups across the academic year.

In KS3 pupils will take part in offsite activities such as sailing, swimming, BMXing and wall-climbing. These outings will be linked to their social skills curriculum giving them a platform to apply and consolidate these skills.  

There will also be an opportunity to represent the school in local school football tournaments.

In KS4 pupils taking the OCR Entry Level P.E qualification will lead sporting activities which they will be assessed on. They will also work collaboratively to lead the Primary and KS3 Sports Day.



 Our pupils’ at Chaffinch Brook have fantastic knowledge of what a healthy and active lifestyle look like. They are able to work as part of a team and show good sportsmanship.

The pupils’ are physically active and understand the impact this haves on their wellbeing and physical health through strong links with PSHE.

Through our PE curriculum offer some of our children are able to complete an OCR PE qualification. They develop their leadership skills and are able to help run fun, motivating events such as Sports Day.

We hope our students that leave Chaffinch Brook in Year 11, go on to have a happy and healthy lifestyle and are able to apply the skills they have learnt through PE to support this.

Pupil voice:

"PE is fun, we learn different skills and new sports that we haven't done before; trampolining is very fun!" Ethan - Year 5

"PE is a fun learning experience, a friendly environment and helps with our social skills." Oliver - Year 6

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