At Chaffinch Brook school we have created an ICT curriculum that will instil a curiosity about the technological world around them. We aim to ensure that our children understand the extent of technology, start building computing skills for their future and use technology to support all areas of life. Our pupils are exposed to a range of topics and are able to use these skills to develop into good digital citizens, to know how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. We also want our pupils to be able to identity a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact. We want them to evaluate and apply information technology clearly, accurately and coherently to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. We want to give our children the confidence and knowledge to be able to communicate their ideas. We feel that ICT is a core skill in every day life and runs across all curriculum subjects, so we therefore aim to equip our pupils with all the tools to be successful and develop essential skills. We also aim to develop children’s ability to be safe online and discuss their thinking using appropriate ICT vocabulary.  


Our ICT curriculum is delivered through several different engaging ways. KS1 and KS2 are following the Purple Mash scheme of work but incorporate other schemes depending on the needs of our pupils. KS3 are following the Teach Computing Curriculum. KS4 are following the City and Guilds Functional Skills ICT curriculum alongside other schemes of work.

Our pupils have access to a Chromebook to support all areas of the curriculum. Teachers follow a clear progression of skills which ensure all pupils are meeting their expectations and are given the opportunity to enhance their prior knowledge. The structure of the lessons contains lots of visual information to support children with autism.

We also include many school enrichment days throughout the year such as ‘Safer Internet Day’, and ‘E Safety Week’ to enthuse and motivate the pupils to foster positive attitudes towards learning about keeping safe when using technology. 

All staff are encouraged to raise questions, seek support and request further training in order to ensure everyone is confident in how and what they teach in ICT. Good practice is always shared between staff and CPD is used to inform teaching and learning across the school.


Above all, Chaffinch Brook’s ICT curriculum ensures our pupils develop a love for the technological world around them. Many of our children make good progress in typing, online research, communication and programming. Our pupils are able to respect and tolerate others’ opinions and views and identity a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact. They gain transferable skills such as critical and logical thinking, problem solving and creativity, which they are able to apply at school, at home and in the future. Most of our pupils go on to complete ICT Functional Skills exams in their secondary school setting. Our pupils will have a secure and comprehensive knowledge of technology and digital systems, which is important in an evolving society. A few of our children excel in ICT and often want to pursue it in their future career.

Pupil voice:

"I really like ICT. I like using the computer and creating things on the laptop. I enjoy being able to learn new things and using my imagination." - Year 6 pupil

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