Our geography curriculum is designed to provide pupils with a deep understanding of the world around them, develop their geographical skills and enhance their environmental awareness. We aim to inspire curiosity, engage pupils in practical and stimulating learning experiences and help them to make sense of the world through exploration and investigation. Our use of high-quality texts alongside our teaching enables pupils to develop language and literacy skills, make connections between different areas of the curriculum and deepen their understanding of geographical concepts.


Our implementation of the geography curriculum for pupils with autism is designed to create a fun and engaging learning experience that is relevant to their interests and needs. The themes are explored through hands-on experiments, art and design projects, group discussions, role-playing and drama, and offsite visits. These interactive and multi-sensory approaches enhance engagement, promote exploration, and provide a platform for practical application of geographical concepts, making the learning meaningful for our pupils. Through high-quality texts and visual aids, we bring geography to life, making it more relatable and accessible. Storytelling serves as a powerful tool to foster language development, critical thinking, and empathy for our students. 


Through our geography curriculum, we aim to empower pupils with autism to develop a profound appreciation for geography, foster a sense of connection to their environment, and acquire the skills necessary for their personal and academic growth. The impact of our curriculum extends beyond geographical knowledge, positively influencing their overall development and readiness to become active, informed, and engaged global citizens.