Enrichment Activities

Alongside our curriculum offer, the children also take part in a range of enrichment activities. These activities support the teaching of a range of social skills such as attention and listening, following instructions, adapting to change and life skills.  They allow the children to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to another environment. 

Horse Riding 

Some of the children at Chaffinch Brook Lower attend horse riding activities at the Diamond Centre. They learn to be calm and careful around the horses and many of them go on to ride the horses which encourages their confidence. 

"All our participants gain something out of their sessions whether it’s physical, sensory, educational or communicative benefits and, of course, it puts a smile on everyone’s faces!" - The Diamond Centre, Carshalton.


In the Summer term our Year 7 pupils are lucky enough to go sailing at Surrey Quays. They really enjoy being out on the water and learning new skills. The children learn lots about being safe in the water and are given the responsibility of sailing the boat. 

Forest Skills

Classes across all key stages take part in Forest Skills lessons at Frylands Woods. They work on skills such as fire making and team building, as well as taking part in cross curricular activities including finding different habitats and painting with a range of natural materials. Many of the pupils also enjoy the opportunity of taking part in the assault course which is located in the woods.